Token Distribution Ticker : MAXX

Total Supply: 100Million

MAXX TOKEN is the native utility token in Maxxi Coin Protocol, which is used to pay the data providers (substrate nodes) for the transaction fees and data feeding services and also for the deposits of any on-chain applications. Besides, the MAXXI TOKEN holders will be able to vote on proposals from the community and even decide how the ecosystem fund will be used in Maxxi Coin Community.

Fundraising: 57.5% of the total supply( Private & Public Sale).

Team and Advisors: 5% of the total supply.

Liquidity Pool: 20% for PancakeSwap & Sushiswap Listing.

Ecosystem Growth: 11%   Reserved for airdrop, exchange listing Pool.

Reserved for Mining: 6.5% reserved for the network incentives for Mainnet